Welcoming The Reds in Jakarta


England’s Liverpool Football Club came to Jakarta, Indonesia, on Wednesday, July 17th. The Reds that managed by Brendan Rodgers brought their 27 players, including Captain Steven Gerrard and other players, but minus striker Luis Suarez. In Indonesia, Liverpool had their agenda such as Coaching Clinic, Press Conference, Sponsors Product Launching, Training Session, Meet and Greet, and play an exhibition game against Indonesia XI.

Liverpudlian, ofcourse, this number one fans of this football club that built since 1892 are welcoming them. From the airport, hotel, and field. Tickets estimated will bought buy the fans around 45 thousand sheets for the exhibition game that will held in Gelora Bung Karno Stadium that have 60 thousand spectators capacity. And for comparison, Indonesia have the largest Liverpudlian among the world, event compare with England where Liverpool came from.

Those are 10 largest Liverpudlian in the world:

1. Indonesia (1.300.000 people)
2. England (1.170.000 people)
3. Thailand (843.000 people)
4. Malaysia (800.000 people)
5. India (584.000 people)
6. Mexico (453.000 people)
7. USA (393.000 people)
8. Egypt (380.000 people)
9. Turkey (356.000 people)
10. France (253.000 people)


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