Autism is a developmental disorder characterized by impaired development
in communication, social interaction, and behavior. But autism is not a disease,
so call an expert in child education confirms.

Children with autism disorders is difficult to communicate meaning to others,
and tend to have their own way that other people often do not understand, such as
move a specific part of the body repeatedly and absorbed in a subject
certain objects as well as having his own world.

Tya Alisha Adani, 8, and Rayhan Yusuf, 7, are two children who have
autism. They are cute kids, which at first glance looks no difference
with other children their age, although it must be extra patient to be
communicating with them both.

Tya that as beautiful as her mother is actually enjoys to interact with
others, including the person who just she know, her dazzling
always interesting to note when she speaking without language.
And Tya school at a public elementary school with other children at her age.

Rayhan intelligent reminds us all of other boys,he’s happy to
play and agile, he loves to play balls and was intrigued by colors.
Typical movements of children with autism often Rayhan does, both when he
alone or jointly with others, sometimes accompanied
along with his sweet smile.

Tya and Rayhan are two examples of children with autism disorders, they
follow specific therapies that believed can help relieve
interference and help them live side by side with others.

Those children with other autism disorders continue to have the same rights to land and water in this beautiful country of ours.


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