Let’s Party


For anyone anywhere in the world there is always a party, party is the way a person or group of persons celebrating, celebrating the joy of what
they have received. On the island of Flores, Indonesia’s eastern country, thre’ll be a happy party, is not excessive if referred to as the most awaited amid environmental which is not much entertainment in their daily lives.

Like the most awaited thing, everyone who attended feast will maximize their performance. best clothes will be charged to attend the party, no matter the background social and professional lives.

Precisely in the village of Kota Baru, Ende, East Nusa Tenggara, residents attended” Sambut Baru” party invitations. a party made
when a child first received first holy communion (sacrament of the body and blood of Christ). At that time the child was in
grade 4-5 elementary school or aged 10-11 years. Party “Sambut Baru” is an expression of joy and gratitude from the parents or
guardian of the child with the teacher and the authority of the Catholic church.

Young and old, women and men, all have the right look best to go to a party. In addition to adding confidence, best outfit will make young men and women who have not married getthe chance to see each other.


Usia muda dan tua, perempuan dan laki-laki, semua berhak berpenampilan
terbaik untuk pergi ke pesta. Selain menambah kepercayaan diri,
pakaian terbaik akan membuat para pemuda dan pemudi yang belum berumah
tangga berkesempatan mendapatkan pasangan ketika acara pesta.


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