Daily life of Anami, the women that expected 140 years old


Anami, an Indonesian great-grandmother expected she has reached age of 140 years old, making her the oldest person ever to have lived. Anami that lived in a village in Purwakarta, West Java, around 150 km outside Jakarta is waiting for the result of DNA tests to verify her outlandish claims as part of the World’s Oldest Woman contest in Russia.

Anami that spend her daily life at home or just walks by outside near home has met with the District Head of Purwakarta, Dedi Mulyadi, which will support her to attend the competition, the winner of which will receive 13 billion Indonesian rupiah. Anami that already had trouble with her hearing, but still can speak clearly with only Sundanese language has five generations below, from four husbands.

Anami that also called Mak Indung (mother in Sundanese language) by her big families and neighbours has 12 children, 26 grandchildren, 36 great-grandchildren, 9 great great-grandchildren and 1 great great great grandchildren, all of her big families are spread-out live in Purwakarta and other cities like Karawang, Cikampek, Cianjur and Jakarta. Anami said the recipes for being healthy at old ages are sincere, patient and less complaining.

Former Minister of Energy Jero Wacik Detained by KPK

Suspect of case of alleged extortion in the period of 2011-2013 Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Jero Wacik escorted by officers in custody at the KPK building, Jakarta, Tuesday (5/5). The former Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources was formally detained at Cipinang prison after examined for more then 10 hours.

60th Asian African Conference Commemoration

Both Economic Growth and Inflation of Jakarta Above National Rate

Twilight atmosphere of Jakarta, Thursdyay (9/4) to illustrate the Provincial Government report in Parliament Session that said it economic growth and inflation rate in capital above the national average which on 2014 the growth reached 5.95% and inflation 8.95%.



A supporter of suspected corruption of Wisma Atlet SEA Games in Jakabaring, Palembang, South Sumatra, Rizal Abdullah, involved in scuffle with journalists when trying to dissuade from taking pictures of detention of Rizal Abdullah by the officers at the KPK building, Jakarta, Thursday (12/3).

a brief story of Myanmar’s 2013 SEA Games

Big Sumo

Sumo is a traditional “kind of wrestling” sport tradition from Japan, the athletes are big, actually really big. For the first time ever, Sumo competed in Jakarta, Indonesia on August 24-25th. This sport is not just about winning or losing, it’s way more than that, it’s honour and pride for a way of life.